Merrimack Valley Community Partners

AgeSpan, the Massachusetts Aging Services Access Point for the City of Newburyport, has collaborated with partners to produce two valuable resources to assist older adults, persons with disabilities, and veterans living in the Merrimack Valley and North Shore locate programs and services to help them maintain independence and age in place.



  • COMMUNITY RESOURCE GUIDE, (formerly known as "The Green Book") was published in 2021 (hard copies are not yet available) in collaboration with The Northeast Independent Living Program. The publishers want to ensure that information is not only comprehensive but accessible to everyone. Inclusion in the guide does not imply endorsement.


  • VETERAN RESOURCE GUIDE was developed in 2018 as a collaboration between AgeSpan and the Amesbury Council on Aging in an effort to connect veterans, caregivers, and professionals with local, state, and federal community resources.


View AgeSpan's website for information about all of the services they provide.


AgeSpan's Contact Info

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280 Merrimack Street, Suite 400

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