Budget & Finance Committee CANCELLED

Event Date: 
Thursday, March 12, 2020 - 6:30pm


City of Newburyport, City Hall
60 Pleasant Street
City Council Chambers
Newburyport, MA 01950
United States


ORDR132_07_15_19 - CPC FY2020 Recommended appropriations (Appropriation 9).

ORDR136_08_19_19 - Fuller Track Phase II Loan Order.

COMM189_09_09_19 - CPC Revised Recommendation for FY2020 Appropriations.

TRAN069_03_09_2020 - Free Cash $13K to EMR Maint-Building $10.5K, EMR Utilities $2.5K.

TRAN070_03_09_2020 - Free Cash $25K to LIB Maint-Equipment $25K.

TRAN071_03_09_2020 - Receipts Reserved for Appr Fuel $80K to DPS Highway Fuel & Oil $80K.

TRAN072_03_09_2020 - Receipts Reserved for Appr Fuel $22.5K to DPS, Water Ret. Earn. $7,725, Sewer Ret. Earn. $7,725 to Tank Upgrades $37,950.

COMM232_03_09_2020 - Annual Audit of the City’s FY2019 Financial Statements.

ORDR172_03_09_2020 - Brislin Scholarship Gift Acceptance $4,793.86.

ORDR173_03_09_2020 - Acceptance of MGL Chapter 40, Section 5B (fourth paragraph).

ORDR174_03_09_2020 - Plum Island Beach Fee Dedication.

ODNC053_03_09_2020 - Establishment of Plum Island Beach Stabilization Fund.