Master Plan Steering Committee

Following three years of work by a group of dedicated volunteers, community members, elected officials, and municipal employees, the final draft of the Newburyport Master Plan is ready for your review. 

This Plan is a comprehensive document that:

  • Establishes long-term policy recommendations for the community’s physical development, and outlines implementation strategies that address land issues, transportation, community facilities and services, the local economy and the environment;
  • Includes assessments of existing resources and issues, projections of future conditions and needs, and consideration of community goals and desires;
  • Acts as a policy guide and provides direction and a framework for decision-making when projects are proposed and funding decisions need to be made; and
  • Explores a broad range of issues focused on managing redevelopment and guiding sustainable growth over the next decade.
Final draft

Full document (5MB)


Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Kate Newhall-Smith (978) 465-4400 ext. 3